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Grand Public Thématiques Edith Wharton : une Américaine à Hyères - En anglais dans le texte...

Edith Wharton : une Américaine à Hyères - En anglais dans le texte...

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Edith Wharton : une Américaine à Hyères
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The Age of Innocence / Edith Wharton. Everyman, 1996.- 262 p.


In an era before the advent of electric lights, telephones or motor vehicles, there exists a small cluster of aristocratic old revolutionary stock families that rule New York’s social life. Under the rules of this society, being things is better than “doing things and reputation and outward appearances come at the exclusion of everything else. In this Gilded Age, when America’s expansion and increased industrialism produce a group of newly wealthy robber barons and financiers, the patient, time-honored values of the old ruling class, and century, are giving way to the expediencies of the new. Caught at this cusp, a triangle of lovers, who must choose between the expectations of family and society, and the deepest yearnings of the heart.


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The cruise of the Vanadis / Edith Wharton. Sterne, 1992.- 142 p.


It was the winter of 1888. Edith Wharton was 26 and had been married three years. She confided in a Newport friend and cousin-in-law, James Van Alen, that there was nothing she wanted more than to make a cruise in the Mediterranean. Van Alen arranged for the charter of a yacht called the Vanadis, and Edith and her husband set off on the trip of a lifetime.During the cruise Wharton elegantly recorded her reactions to each place along the route. Afterwards, she put the manuscript aside and began to work on her first novel. The manuscript lay untouched and undiscovered for the next one hundred years.


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The custom of the country / Edith Wharton. Penguin, 1987.- 334 p.


Mrs and Mrs Spragg are hoping to forge an entree into society and arrange a suitably ambitious match for their only daughter. As she unfolds the story of Undine Spragg, from New York to Europe, the author offers a detailed glimpse of upper-class America.


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Ethan Frome / Edith Wharton. Penguin books, 1987.- 193 p.


Set in rural, working-class New England, Ethan Frome is a man in a loveless marriage who faces the temptation of illicit passion with another woman. Revealed through the narrator's overnight visit with the mysterious figure, himself, Ethan Frome's story depicts the desperation of a man torn between his empty life and the promise of something new.


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The House of Mirth / Edith Wharton. Penguin books, 1993.- 338 p.


House of Mirth is the story of Lily Bart, who seeks the acceptance of society women but doesn't have the money to really gain their approval. The novel is not so much the study of high society as it is a an examination of society's debasement of people and moral values. On the surface, Lily seems doomed because of her moral indiscretions, but the real reason is her lack of money. She remains a part of society as long as she has a chance of inheriting her aunt's fortune; when the money doesn't materialize, she is dropped. This scathing novel of manners was one of the first to emerge in American literature.


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